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DJ booking software and an applicant tracking system designed to optimize your entire recruiting process. Find freelance DJs, conduct faster focused screenings, and make smart data-driven booking decisions.


Alja Knez
ceo, architect

 BBA with strong business background. Member of Google Launchpad Berlin.

Kristijan Secan
cto, operations

 Extremely resourceful Owner plus Software Architect / Developer at DropChop.

Matjaz Skufca
cco, project manager

 Art Director for Interactive Design & Animation at Publicis One.

Helena Kuhar
cmo, DACH

 Expert in the commercial arena converting the indirect business model to a direct one.

Getting Started with Clubio

Give your company the tools to optimize your booking process—start to finish.
Pricing & Services

 The price depends on the number of employees you have. Drop us a line, and we’ll get you a customized quote right away. 

Implementation & Training

 We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive, hands-on training, and virtual support in the business. 

Data Migration

 We have a lot of experience migrating data into Clubio from Excel spreadsheets. 

Security & Performance

 Security is a big deal to us at Greenhouse. Our customers entrust a lot of sensitive data to our care and we need to do our best to keep it secure.  

World‐Class Support

 All customers have ongoing access to video-based training, how-to documents, and webinars. 


 In recent years, companies have rolled out a ton of tools and apps aimed at solving very specific recruiting problems. We love them all! 

What Our Customers Say

Our goal is to teach an entire label how to hire. Clubio is the only platform that helps you build and scale booking operations. With stakeholders involved, the Clubio platform was selected unanimously.
Marcel Heinz, Owner – Club R19, Berlin
I always thougt we need something like this, a huge Marketplace of DJs, Promoters and Clubs. Clubio gives us the chance to connect and collaborate in an easy way. I really like using it!
Alex Monster, Label Manager – Little Helpers
Clubio is a missing link in electronic music.
Marina Karamarko, Pro DJ/Producer – Burn Residency

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Clubio DJ Booking Software

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